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Our stars - the reCIRCLE BOXes

The reCIRCLE BOXes were made specifically for easy cleaning, they dry fast, are well vented, even when when stacked and they are space saving. The very durable PBT material is heat and frost proof, odorless, vegan and can be used hunderets of times, without loss of quality, as long as it is not cut on. We chose the colour "aubergine", because it matches all food colours.

The reCIRCLE BOXes are produced and recycled in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, by the Stefan Kälin AG, who we work closely with!

It is worth supporting those products!

Products from left to right

reCIRCLE BOX MENU: Capacity: 900 ml | Weight: 169.4 g | Measurement indications at: 500 ml, 700 ml, 900 ml 

reCIRCLE BOX MINI: Capacity: 600 ml | Weight: 113.2 g | Measurement indications at: 200 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml 

reCIRCLE BOX1: Capacity: 1200 ml | Weight: 160 g | Measurement indications at: 350 ml, 700 ml, 1050 ml 

reCIRCLE BOX2: Capacity total: 1000 ml | Weight: 186 g | Compartments: 250 ml and 340 ml 

reCIRCLE CUP: Capacity: 400 ml | Weight: 78.5 g | Measurement indications at: 150 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml 

reCIRCLE Spife & fork

The two-piece reCIRCLE cutlery, a mix of spoon and knife (Spife) and a fork, are designed so that the fork fits exactly in the spoon and together they can be stored in the reCIRCLE BOX 1, 2 and MENU. The cutlery is made of the same material as the BOX and is also produced in Einsiedeln.


These returnable cups were specially developed for the use of coffee-to-go:

- Made in Germany
- Dishwasher safe for at least 400 cycles of use
- Ergonomic design
- Developed in cooperation with coffee suppliers
- Material 100% recyclable: BPA, PAK and melamine free
- Available sizes: 200 ml, 300 ml 
- Robust, shatterproof and scratch-resistant
- Flavor and food safe
- Easy to clean due to smooth inner surface all around
- Drain channels on the floor for water drainage after the rinse cycle
- Stacking without wedging, spacers at the edge of the stack prevent bacteria formation and vacuum

Personalized reCIRCLE BOX

Have personalized reCIRCLE BOX offered

Employee retention is important - maybe you would like to provide your employees with reCIRCLE BOXes in their own look. This is also possible by choosing a different colour reCIRCLE BOX and having the lid printed with your company logo or a message.
We have the colours blue and anthracite in our range. An own colour is possible from an order of  6`000 products. Also the lid can be ordered in your company colour or with printed logo. Even laser printing with the names of the employees is possible. The costs for different coloured reCIRCLE BOXes varies depending on the quantity. Branded reCIRCLE BOXes will be refilled in the takeaways, but will not be taken back.

We accept quotation requests for your own reCIRCLE BOXes by telephone (031 352 82 82) or by e-mail (