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reCIRCLE products were made specifically for easy cleaning, they dry fast, are well vented, even when stacked and they are space saving. The very durable materials are heat and frost proof, odorless, vegan and can be used hunderets of times, without loss of quality, as long as they are not cut on. We chose the colour "aubergine", because it catches the eye. The reCIRCLE products are tareable.

reCIRCLE products are produced and recycled in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, by the Stefan Kälin AG, who we work closely with!

It is worth supporting those products!


The BOX PIZZA is round and big enough for a 32cm pizza. The
edges are rounded so a pizza wheel can be used to easily
slice the pizza.

The BOX PIZZA has air holes that can be closed off - so your
pizza stays hot and/or crispy.

The BOX PIZZA can be stacked open and closed, so several pieces can easily and conveniently be transported on top of each other.

The BOX PIZZA is made of PBT and glass balls. It is dishwasher-safe and can also be put in the oven at 120 degrees for 5 minutes - so the pizza is hot and crispy again.

The BOX PIZZA can be washed in regular washing machines or customers can bring in their own BOX PIZZA. BOXes brought in by customers can be refilled. It takes about the same amount of time to wash a BOX PIZZA or to fold a cardboard box!

The BOX PIZZA costs CHF 10.- in the deposit system. Pizza
partners do not have any financial risk because reCIRCLE exchanges or takes back unwanted/ leftover BOXes at any time.


Capacity: 1200 ml | Diameter: 19.5 cm | Weight: 159.77 g
Measurement indications at: 350 ml, 700 ml, 1050 ml
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Capacity total: 1000 ml | Diameter: 19.5 cm | Weight: 193.85 g
Compartments: 250 ml and 340 ml
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Capacity: 900 ml | Diameter: 24 cm | Weight: 174.25 g
Measurement indications at: 500 ml, 700 ml, 900 ml
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Capacity: 600 ml | Diameter: 17 cm | Weight: 114.71 g
Measurement indications at: 200 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml
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Capacity: 400 ml | Diameter: 9 cm | Weight: 78.5 g
Measurement indications at: 150 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml 
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reCIRCLE BOX transparent

Capacity: 600 ml | Weight: 87.85 g | Diameter: 17 cm
Measurement indications at: 200 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml

Capacity: 1200 ml | Weight: 122.33 g | Diameter: 19.5 cm
Measurement indications at: 350 ml, 700 ml, 1050 ml

Capacity: 900 ml | Weight: 136.66 g | Diameter: 24 cm
Measurement indications at: 500 ml, 700 ml, 900 ml


The reCIRCLE ISY is our new transparent, double-walled and insulating cup, which we offer in three different sizes: 90ml, 300ml and 500ml. It is ideal for hot and cold drinks, but also for soups, muesli, ice cream or sauces.

The reCIRCLE ISY costs CHF 5 and can be purchased, exchanged and returned at all reCIRCLE ISY partners. You can find them on our map. ISY is made of Tritan, a very robust and durable plastic. As with the reCIRCLE BOX, the aubergine-coloured lid is part of the ISY and is made of PP.

ATTENTION: With hot contents above 70 degrees, the flap of ISY lid must remain open, as the lid can pop off due to the pressure caused by the heat!

Would you like to know more about the reCIRCLE ISY or are you interested in offering the ISY in your takeaway? Then get in touch with us!

What do you fill your ISY with? Post a photo on social media and tag us: @reCIRCLEnow

reCIRCLE Spife

The two-piece reCIRCLE cutlery, a mix of spoon and knife (Spife) and a fork, are designed so that the fork fits exactly in the spoon and together they can be stored in the reCIRCLE BOX 1, 2 and MENU. The cutlery is made of the same material as the BOX and is also produced in Einsiedeln.

Our Materials

The reCIRCLE BOX is made from polybutylene terephthalate, PBT for short. To make the containers especially hydrolysis resistant and fast drying we add 30% glass fibre, so the reCIRCLE BOXes only consist of 70% plastic! PBT is a synthetic material that has been on the market for a very long time and from which we have been eating healthy foods for many years. It does not consist of the harmful phthalate, so it does not contain plasticizers. rreCIRCLE BOXes are therefore free of plasticizers. The suspected BPA has been completely removed and we have even been able to remove all animal fats: reCIRCLE BOXes are vegan. The colour pigments are also all food safe. Plastic is often demonized today because it is disposed incorrectly, for example in the lake or in the forest, and because it is omnipresent, as it is in shampoo, we also wonder... But disposable plastic is not the same as reusable plastic.

PBT and PP (lid) can be recycled. There are no official collection channels and no official recycling process. But we, that is reCIRCLE with the producer Stefan Kälin AG in Einsiedeln, can regranulate the reCIRCLE BOXes, i.e. shred them, and thus produce new granulate.

At the moment we are not allowed to use it for new reCIRCLE BOXes (don`t ask us why, it`s something lawful, you lose the food approval), but we are currently trying to figure out how we can make reCIRCLE BOXes again without losing the food approval. Currently we are collecting the few reCIRCLE BOXes that have already come back. As soon as we have a ton of the material, we will decide what we`ll do with it. But this could take years, because reCIRCLE BOXes are extremely durable!
With the reCIRCLE ISY, we want to give coffee-to-go and frozen yoghurt a stylish, transparent, insulating packaging. To achieve this, we went in search of the right plastic and found it in Tritan. Tritan is a thermoplastic that is often used for drinking bottles. It is transparent, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe, tasteless and BPA-free. It also contains no phthalates, i.e. plasticisers, and is unbreakable - an important property in reusable bottles.

Our Tritan has already been extensively tested by several control authorities worldwide and has had food approval for a long time. Our own tests in the independent laboratory SQTS have validated the worldwide tests and thus confirmed its harmless use in the food sector.

We will also set up our own recycling circuit for this plastic so that the regranulated material can be turned back into cups. We are currently working on this.
The lids for the BOX and the ISY are made of polypropylene, PP for short. It is a plastic that has been used in the packaging industry for years. It has the property of being very resistant to fatigue. That is why the lids close tightly, even after being opened and closed umpteen times.

Polyproyplene can also be re-granulated and reused. However, since it loses its transparency in every recycling process, we cannot reuse it for the lids. It is therefore processed by our producer Stefan Kälin AG into concrete pad spacers that are used in construction. Here, too, we are working on being able to reuse the material for new reCIRCLE products.

Personalized reCIRCLE BOX

Have personalized reCIRCLE BOX offered

Employee retention is important - maybe you would like to provide your employees with reCIRCLE BOXes in their own look. This is also possible by choosing a different colour reCIRCLE BOX and having the lid printed with your company logo or a message.
We have the colours blue and anthracite in our range. An own colour is possible from an order of  6`000 products. Also the lid can be ordered in your company colour or with printed logo. Even laser printing with the names of the employees is possible. The costs for different coloured reCIRCLE BOXes varies depending on the quantity. Branded reCIRCLE BOXes will be refilled in the takeaways, but will not be taken back.

We accept quotation requests for your own reCIRCLE BOXes by telephone (031 352 82 82) or by e-mail (