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Our goal is to build a Europe-wide reusable network with independent franchise partners in other countries. We are pleased to welcome Thorben and his team to the network with reCIRCLE GERMANY!
reCIRCLE GERMANY is being developed by Elithro GmbH. Elithro is a locally based company and so we are expanding our vision to Germany - in line with our motto "think global, act local". For us, reusable packaging is not just a business idea; it is a movement and an attitude that we want to take out into the world together.

Exchange fall 2020


*Our exchange phase begins immediately*. Bring your worn out reCIRCLE BOX back to the restaurant now and exchange it for a new one. The restaurants can exchange the collected worn out products for new ones at our premises. You can find all our partners here!

Zero Waste Delivery


We are pleased to announce the collaboration between reCIRCLE and reCIRCLE offers networked reusable food packaging from more than 1`300 partners in Switzerland. Smood is a Swiss meal delivery service in less than 45 minutes. The two companies want to advance the ecological transition in the areas of home delivery and takeaway sales in Switzerland by introducing the principle of circular economy in packaging management.
How does this work? The service is aimed at Smood and reCIRCLE`s partner restaurants. Customers order their meal online in a reCIRCLE BOX for 10 francs in addition to the menu.
On September 23rd, phase 1 of the "zero-waste delivery" project will start in Lausanne. During this phase, customers will return their BOXes themselves to one of reCIRCLE`s 1300 partner restaurants. Phase 2 will mark the extension of the service to all Smood-reCIRCLE partners in Switzerland. In phase 3, we will test the takeover by the deliverymen.

Boost your sales by joining Smood and reCIRCLE!

To join the delivery platform click here, more information: click here
To join the reCIRCLE network : click here

Here is the list of Lausanne`s courageous reuse pioneers: 
- Culture Café
- Duo Thai Sushi
- Golden Mango
- Green up
- L’artisan
- Le 888 Restaurant
- Le Java
- Le Nil Bleu
- My Sandwiches Lausanne
- Oy Isan Thai Food
- Thai Orchidee
- Wawa`s Asian Kitchen

SEF Award 2020


We are very pleased to have been awarded the SEF Award 2020 - the most important prize for young companies in Switzerland - in the category production/trade.

Many thanks to all who believe in us and support us!

reCIRCLE protection concept


reCIRCLE stands for reusable!

That`s why we are also committed to avoiding unnecessary waste in our private lives and in our office, and we Swiss companies in doing so.

- In the office, everyone has their own towel.
- We cycle and use our fabric masks in public transport, which we all wash at home.
- We rely on thorough hand washing instead of frequent disinfecting.
- We transfer our disinfectant from big bottles into small containers for on the road.

Do you need tips on how to comply with the hygiene rules without producing waste? Get in touch with us.

The reCIRCLE BOX lids are being recycled.


In the same company that produces the reCIRCLE BOX, i.e. at Stefan Kälin AG in Einsiedeln, the damaged lids of the reCIRCLE BOX are already being recycled. They are processed into spacers which are used in the construction industry.

However, we are working on the legal basis to be able to use the recycled material of reCIRCLE BOX and its lid in a closed cycle for the production of new reCIRCLE products.

reCIRCLE in times of Covid-19


There`s so much takeaway at the moment! And so much unnecessary garbage! Reusables work even in times of viruses, especially the reCIRCLE BOX, because it was designed with a focus on hygiene.

Customers simply bring their own crockery and have it refilled by reCIRCLE partners, or they buy a reCIRCLE BOX for 10 francs and refill it again and again, exchange it or return it after enjoying the delicious meal.

The reCIRCLE BOX brings out the best in the food, reduces food wastage because food in the BOX is thrown away less and restaurants also save money! If you are an interested Restaurant, calculate your savings potential here

Registration or sample set order for Restaurants: here

More general information: here