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Nominees Green Business Award 2022


We have been nominated for the Green Business Award 2022.

"If we want to preserve our planet for future generations, the business must be part of the solution," says the GBA website. "With the Green Business Award, Green Business Switzerland focuses on the positive connection between entrepreneurial success and sustainable action."

reCIRCLE is Brand of the Year 2022


Once again, reason to celebrate:

We were named the most trustworthy reusable system by the Institut für Markenvertrauen Deutschland.

PIZZA-BOX makes pizza cartons obsolete


In April 2022, we will launch the first reusable PIZZA BOX on the market, which will replace conventional pizza boxes. Like the BOXes and ISY Cups, it works in a closed-loop system. In a start-up phase, the BOX PIZZA will soon be used in selected pizzerias.

According to a representative survey, the food delivery market in Switzerland has grown by 65 per cent to CHF 2.1 billion within two years. In Germany, about 435 million pizza boxes are consumed per year. Exact figures on the number of pizzas ordered in Switzerland are missing. Our estimate for the Swiss market: Switzerland has about 10 times fewer inhabitants than Germany. If we calculate with 40 million pizza boxes, this results in a tower of 1600 kilometres in height (4 cm x 40 million) or a length of 13,200 kilometres (33 cm x 40 million) when stacked on top of each other. That is once the distance from Bern to New York and back again! Therefore, it has been clear to us for a long time that there is a great need here. We are very pleased to be able to launch the first reusable pizza packaging in Switzerland and Europe. The associated network of partner companies is currently being expanded. The first pioneers are in the starting blocks.

Pizza pioneers wanted
Until the launch, we are looking for restaurants that offer the PIZZA BOX and interested consumers who want to test the BOX PIZZA. Simply contact us at

Nominated for the Green Product Award 2022


We are officially nominated for the Green Product Award 2022 and the public voting is on until the 31st of January. We need your vote! (no signing up needed)

LAAX chooses to reuse


Dear snow-hungry people: in the winter sports region "Flims Laax Falera" the motto from now on is reusable instead of disposable! The Weisse Arena Gruppe is introducing reCIRCLE BOXes throughout the region so that the mountains of snow are once again bigger than the mountains of waste. Amazing, right?

Preselecion for the Green Product Award 2022


And once again, exciting things are happening for us! We are now officially in the pre-selection for the Green Product Award 2022. Keep your fingers crossed for us! More info here.

Migros goes Aubergine


It is time to celebrate: all 235 Migros restaurants and takeaways are now officially reCIRCLE partners. You can still return your green BOX and collect your deposit until the end of 2021, because from now on you will only find aubergine-coloured reCIRCLE BOXes in Migros restaurants.

Audience Award Swiss Packaging Award 2021


ELCO AG coming in first place, we are very proud to have won 2nd place in the Swiss Packaging Audience Award 2021.

Thank you for your support and the numerous votes!

reCIRCLE goes Europe


Our aubergine-coloured lunchbox conquers Europe!

After Germany comes now the expansion into four more countries on the continent. The Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia and Italy are the new countries to adopt the reCIRCLE reusable system. Our common goal is to establish a comprehensive reusable system throughout Europe.
We wish all our European partners a brilliant start in June! Together we will go make reusable the new normal!

reCIRCLE ISY is here!


It`s been rumoured for a long time, now it`s official: reCIRCLE ISY is here! Our new innovative, transparent and insulating cup, for coffee, tea, muesli, soup, salad, frozen yoghurt, fruit salad... the list is endless! You can find all ISY partners on our website and on our app. What are you waiting for? ? #mehrwegistISY

Spring offer


Are you a gastronomer, do you offer take out and are you curious to try out reCIRCLE in your business? Starting in June, you can test our system for three months - free of charge and without obligation !

Would you like to learn more? Then get in touch with us.

Climate neutral production


Since 2020, we have been retroactively offsetting the CO2 emissions, that are caused by the production of reCIRCLE products, with Swiss Climate. The label distinguishes products for which a traceable CO2 balance has been drawn up, which have CO2 reduction measures in place and whose emissions are offset.

For CO2 compensation, we support a project based in Brazil, in the state of Pará. Its main objective is to stop commercial deforestation. This ban makes it possible to preserve a huge forest area with dense vegetation, resulting in a high reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the project has a positive effect on the preservation of the rich biodiversity in the Amazon region. Read more about the project here.

reCIRCLE APP wins bronze @ BOSA!!


The reCIRCLE App wins bronze in the category "Functionality" at "Best of Swiss Apps Award". We are very proud of our App Agency Approppo!!!!
With the reCIRCLE App partners and guests can digitize the depot handling. The App Supporter restaurants are marked with a green tick on the reCIRCLE map. Some restaurants also use the loyalty point system. These are marked with a yellow tick on the map. The partner card is the central offer of the App, on it all active reCIRCLE partners are listed.



Restaurants are currently offering more takeaway food. This is why there are often long queues and too much waste due to the one-way packaging. This is now over in the reCIRCLE restaurants. Because now reCIRCLE partners can use the simple order tool for free (login here with your reCIRCLE login), choose the type of menu.
And the guest of these restaurants order their surprise menu here and pick it up at the desired time!



Our goal is to build a Europe-wide reusable network with independent franchise partners in other countries. We are pleased to welcome Thorben and his team to the network with reCIRCLE GERMANY!
reCIRCLE GERMANY is being developed by Elithro GmbH. Elithro is a locally based company and so we are expanding our vision to Germany - in line with our motto "think global, act local". For us, reusable packaging is not just a business idea; it is a movement and an attitude that we want to take out into the world together.

Exchange fall 2020


*Our exchange phase begins immediately*. Bring your worn out reCIRCLE BOX back to the restaurant now and exchange it for a new one. The restaurants can exchange the collected worn out products for new ones at our premises. You can find all our partners here!

SEF Award 2020


We are very pleased to have been awarded the SEF Award 2020 - the most important prize for young companies in Switzerland - in the category production/trade.

Many thanks to all who believe in us and support us!

reCIRCLE protection concept


reCIRCLE stands for reusable!

That`s why we are also committed to avoiding unnecessary waste in our private lives and in our office, and we Swiss companies in doing so.

- In the office, everyone has their own towel.
- We cycle and use our fabric masks in public transport, which we all wash at home.
- We rely on thorough hand washing instead of frequent disinfecting.
- We transfer our disinfectant from big bottles into small containers for on the road.

Do you need tips on how to comply with the hygiene rules without producing waste? Get in touch with us.

The reCIRCLE BOX lids are being recycled.


In the same company that produces the reCIRCLE BOX, i.e. at Stefan Kälin AG in Einsiedeln, the damaged lids of the reCIRCLE BOX are already being recycled. They are processed into spacers which are used in the construction industry.

However, we are working on the legal basis to be able to use the recycled material of reCIRCLE BOX and its lid in a closed cycle for the production of new reCIRCLE products.

reCIRCLE in times of Covid-19


There`s so much takeaway at the moment! And so much unnecessary garbage! Reusables work even in times of viruses, especially the reCIRCLE BOX, because it was designed with a focus on hygiene.

Customers simply bring their own crockery and have it refilled by reCIRCLE partners, or they buy a reCIRCLE BOX for 10 francs and refill it again and again, exchange it or return it after enjoying the delicious meal.

The reCIRCLE BOX brings out the best in the food, reduces food wastage because food in the BOX is thrown away less and restaurants also save money! If you are an interested Restaurant, calculate your savings potential here

Registration or sample set order for Restaurants: here

More general information: here