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Become a reCIRCLE restaurant

Benefits for restaurants
Also for bakeries and butchers with takeaway food.

SAVE MONEY: By choosing reusable packaging over disposables, you save a lot of money.

LESS WASTE: The trash bins surrounding your takeaway are no longer overflowing.

LESS FOOD WASTE: You can just take your leftovers home and eat them later, instead of throwing them out with the disposable packaging.

JOY AND LIFESTYLE: Your food tastes even better when it is eaten with a clear conscience.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Because your customers love your commitment to a cleaner planet, they will come back to you. You are part of the reCIRCLE network, your restaurant will be put up on our map and you will be featured on our social media channels. Show the world that you care about our future.

Become a reCIRCLE restaurant

Become a reCIRCLE restaurant

Become a reCIRCLE restaurant

Become a reCIRCLE restaurant

The test phase

reCIRCLE is simple! Become a reCIRCLE partner and try our system for three months. Your partnerships costs only CHF 150.- and includes everything your takeaway restaurant needs to implement reCIRCLE successfully.

For the test phase, reCIRCLE loans you 20 reCIRCLE BOXes and the reCIRCLE cutlery and at your first order provides you with free promotion material. The starter kit includes posters, 250 Flyers with your logo, a door/counter label, cardboard displays, a card with which BOXes can be loaded onto the reCIRCLE app of your customers and - if wanted - a beachflag or an information stand.

Motivate your customers actively to get a reCIRCLE BOX. Use those first three months, to convince yourself of the quality and simplicity of the reCIRCLE system. After the test phase you will choose to either (1) continue using reCIRCLE or (2) to return the reCIRCLE BOXes.

Say yes to less waste and more sustainability.

After the test phase

After 3 months you decide if you want to become a reCIRCLEr for good. 

1 reCIRCLE is frequently used in your takeaway restaurant and you wish to continue: See which subscription makes more sense for your establishment - the FLATRATE or the BASIC. You pay for the 20 reCIRCLE BOXes loaned for the trial period and can order more right away.

2 reCIRCLE is not being used a lot yet and you do not wish to continue: Return to us the reCIRCLE products and the promotional materials within 30 days and only pay for the products that you do not send back (you have already collected CHF 10 for these).

The CHF 150 invested during the test phase covers the annual fee: You will be listed as reFILL partner until the end of the partnership agreement. Every disposable container saved counts. And some of your customers have probably already become fans.

The more catering establishments participate, the more customer-friendly the idea. All over Switzerland there are more than 1200 partners already.

We can guarantee that the reCIRCLE solution, when used regularly, is cheaper than buying disposable tableware.

reCIRCLE partnership: CHF 150.- per year


reFILL partner CHF 0.- per year


BASIC subscription CHF 60.- per year
Potential savings* from 4 uses per day


FLATRATE subscription from CHF 180.- per year
Potential savings* from 7 uses per day

*Base for calculation of potential savings: 260 open days, CHF 0.20 purchase disposables per piece.

Learn more

A while ago we implemented a reusable coffee system: reCIRCLE COFFEE
Participating restaurants save money because the cost of cleaning is usually lower than buying disposable cups.

The test phase costs CHF 150 and includes 50 borrowed GOOD CUPS. reCIRCLE partner establishments benefit and can test the COFFEE system free of charge. reCIRCLE and COFFEE can be implemented independently of each other.

Our coffee cup is called GOOD CUP, is made of PP and is produced by the company Cup for Cup in Germany. By using a GOOD CUP you can save at least 400 disposable cups!

Fast, easy, contactless, deposit handling and customer loyalty with the new reCIRCLE App

The reCIRCLE APP is a modern, NFC-based smartphone application that digitizes the depot handling for reCIRCLE BOXes. The app also contains an overview map of all reCIRCLE partners and a loyalty points function to help you find our partners and increase customer loyalty.

The use of the deposit function including information material is free of charge for partners. The loyalty points function costs CHF 5/month.
Every App Supporter receives encrypted, personal NFC cards, which are scanned by the customer with his mobile phone when exchanging the BOX (or when refilling it in case of Points Supporter).

The App works cashless. The customer must first buy a BOX or already own one to exchange it via the App. Currently, only one BOX per customer can be stored in the App.

The use of the App is voluntary. However, we recommend our partners to use the App, it makes the partner restaurants more visible. The more it is used, the more efficient it is.

For more information please contact us!

reCIRCLE for Meal Services

For Meal Services

If the guest is known and a regular delivery/collection takes place, reCIRCLE offers a rental model. The meal services thus have no start-up costs. Their customers benefit from high-quality, hygienic food packaging, which can be heated in a water bath, in the oven at max. 120 degrees (without lid) or in the microwave. Furthermore, consumers do not generate any waste. Scratched reCIRCLE BOXES are regularly replaced by fresh ones.

For more information contact us directly here

reCIRCLE schools and companies

Eat intelligently: You can also join reCIRCLE as a company or a school!

Think inside the
BOX! The implementation of reusable systems greatly reduces waste and measurably lowers CO2 consumption. Behavioural adaptation can be positively communicated in communication under culture or sustainability.

With a reCIRCLE BOX you can save more than 100 disposable containers! Taking part is worthwhile, allows students and employees to enjoy without waste and saves on disposal costs!

Every company and every school has different needs - we are happy to help you.

reCIRCLE cities and communities

reCIRCLE together:

Set an active example for our planet and become a reCIRCLE city or community:

- Sensitize employees and offer reCIRCLE products!  
- Do without disposable tableware in the offices and during meetings!  
- Inform companies, restaurants and canteens about reCIRCLE!
- Launch an awareness campaign on the subject of reuse!


Our partner restaurants and their customers are convinced:
(pictures from left to right)

"For our meal service for our regular customers we have been using the reCIRCLE system for some time now. This is very well received by customers and staff alike, because on the one hand it allows us to keep hygiene under control, we don`t produce any waste and our food just looks great in the aubergine-coloured BOXes!"
Lea, Fischerstübli, Bern

"At the Tonic we produce fresh, homemade, vegetarian and organic menus, the reCIRCLE concept is perfect for us. Every day, many loyal customers come back to fill their reCIRCLE BOX, helping to save tons of raw materials."

Francis, Restaurant Tonic, Geneva

"We procured reCIRCLE BOXes for the team right after the formation of reCIRCLE. The team fetches their lunch in the BOX from the reCIRCLE partners in the surrounding area at noon and afterwards puts it in the dishwasher so that it is ready again for the next day at their favourite takeaway. This way we have already saved a lot of rubbish bags!"

Ruedi, Consor (reCIRCLE corporate client), Zurich

"I`ve been using the BOX every day, so to speak, for years I spontaneously go to one of the reCIRCLE partners and fill up my BOX there. I can then eat as I please, at home, in the park or at work. This way I eat healthy, fast and above all without rubbish! The cool thing about reCIRCLE is that you can exchange the BOX when it`s not so nice anymore."

Ale, reCIRCLE BOX fan, Bern

"OUR CUSTOMERS & WE ARE DELIGHTED WITH RECIRCLE. We are saving massive amounts of disposable tableware and therefore also costs. Our customers appreciate that they can also make a contribution to waste reduction. In most cases, customers switch immediately from disposable to reusable tableware without any persuasion from us."

Sira Dudle-Pfenniger, Pfenniger Bakery, Goldau

"reCIRCLE fits perfectly into our philosophy of sustainable business. Besides, the team at reCIRCLE is super nice!"
Martin Ackermann and team, Bagelboys, Zurich

"Since I joined reCIRCLE, I only need half the disposable crockery."
Narümon Wongbua, Suban Thai Restaurant, Bern

"reCIRCLE enables everyone to protect the environment without having to give up tasty food on the road."
Lise and Serge Seguin, Seguin caterer, Lausanne

"All in all, we actually save money and create less waste, which is important to us."

Vinh Truong, Restaurant Vietnam, Zurich