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Das reNetzwerk

Jeannette Morath

Corporate management, marketing, human resources

"Why wrap good and beautiful things cheaply and unecologically? The development of recyclable packaging must now be promoted. We start with food and beverage packaging, but we see our business model in many other industries as well!"
Marketing Planner SAWI, Master Environmental Engineering and Management, FHNW, Life Sciences.
Work experience: My professional life started in the hotel and tourism industry where I held various positions in Switzerland and abroad. During this time, I realized that packaging has to change something - only what, I didn`t realize yet. Back in Switzerland, I worked for a long time as an event manager, exhibition planner and, after my marketing training, also in marketing and communication. Through my job at Entsorgung + Recycling Stadt Bern, where I was allowed to give reusable advice to organisers, I came into contact with reusable packaging. From then on the way was clear for me and I founded reCIRCLE.