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Das reNetzwerk

Martin Gruber-Gschwind

Chairman of the Board of Directors, politics, communication

"Quality and cleanliness are important showcases of Switzerland. However, the trend in takeaway food is towards a lifestyle marked by high-quality products. This also applies to the distribution method, which must be good in terms of haptics."

Dipl. phil. II and MAS MTECH ETH Zurich, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Concepts for many major events.

I have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of resource conservation, waste reduction and energy efficiency. I was first head of department in a large municipality, then head of waste reduction and littering for the canton of Basel-Stadt and project manager of the ENERGIE IMPULSE Region Basel project at the Basel Association of Arts and Crafts. Having been involved in the development and implementation of a large number of pilot projects with SMEs, I know that initiatives promoting sustainability must also always operate within an economic framework.