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3 months test phase

For the test phase, an annual partnership of 150 francs will be concluded. This entitles you to a 3-month test to check the system in detail. For the test phase you will receive 20 reCIRCLE BOXes or ISY of your choice and 20 Cutlery on loan. You will receive personalised information material, hygiene concept, documents for the changeover and staff training, the BOX app with access to the administration area, social media post and an entry on and on the APP. After 3 months, you decide whether you want to remain in the network permanently, choose the appropriate subscription or return the rented reCIRCLE products and information material. Until the end of your partnership, your restaurant will be shown as reFILL partner on the reCIRCLE map.

TAKEAWAY Partner: You offer the reCIRCLE BOX in exchange
ISY Partner: You offer the reCIRCLE ISY cup in exchange
TAKEAWAY-ISY Partner: You offer everything the reCIRCLE heart desires

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