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Without test phase

Without test phase

Direct registration in the network with a FLATRATE Subscription gives you exclusive access to all reCIRCLE products with at least 10% discount. You will receive personalized information material, a hygiene concept, documents for the conversion and staff training, social media post and entry on Start with a small FLATRATE ABO and adjust it after a few months so that you can exchange worn-out products without worries. The goal is that with reCIRCLE you will have lower costs than with disposable! The cancellation period for a FLATRATE ABO is 3 months. From 100 products onwards, it is financially worthwhile to start directly without a test phase.

TAKEAWAY Partner: You offer the reCIRCLE BOX in exchange
ISY Partner: You offer the reCIRCLE ISY cup in exchange
TAKEAWAY-ISY Partner: You offer everything the reCIRCLE heart desires

How many menus do you sell per day on average? Your estimate is used to evaluate the size of your subscription (S, M, L, XL). Why a subscription? Read more here.
You receive a 20% discount on the 2nd FLATRATE subscription (the lower-priced subscription).

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